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Retina Exam

A Retinal exam is important to detect early abnormalities of the retina that can effect the retinal function. For example, Macular Degeneration is commonly seen in elderly folks.  We can detect and follow, down to the nearest micron, the nerve fiber layer and monitor the changes.  We can see the characteristics of the nerve fiber layer and any thinning or thickening can contribute to the decrease in the central vision.  Several treatments are available: everything from eye care vitamins to more extensive treatments with a laser.  Eye drops or even highly specific medication can be used to help stop the changes in the characteristics and in some cases these changes can even be reversed.

Glaucoma Exam

Early detection of Glaucoma is important in preserving vision.  The Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scan of the retina can now be used to track Glaucoma changes in the eye.  The OCT scan allows me to diagnose and follow more accurately  than ever before.  The OCT scan allows us to see how the Glaucoma is affecting the retina down the micron  which is more important for detecting and following with success and treatment of the eye drops and laser. 

The Danger with Glaucoma is that the patient does not feel or see Glaucoma until it's progression is far enough along to take away some of your vision.  

The OCT, which is like an MRI or CT of the eye, is the most accurate modality for confirming my diagnosis of Glaucoma.

iWellness Exam

This exam is new modality for utilizing the OCT scan to quickly scan the eye for any nerve abnormalities in the retina

Prescription for Glasses

Although a correct eyeglasses prescription is not important in adults (it is important in children), an accurate prescription can eliminate headaches, dizziness, and of course blurry vision.  

Seeing life with clear vision has its advantages!

  • Retina Exam
  • Glaucoma Exam
  • iWellness Exam
  • Eyeglasses Prescription

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